Corporation details - The Scope [TS]
Alliance: None CEO: Herirlier Allerchel
Kills: 18607 HQ:
Losses: 1391 Members: 309853
ISK destroyed: 5,553.21B Shares:
ISK lost: 161.76B Tax Rate: 11%
Efficiency: 97.17% Website:
The Scope is the leading news agency in the world of EVE. Though based in the Federation the company takes pride in its total independence and operates separate agencies throughout the world. The Scope swings slightly to the left, but its conservative enough to be considered a reliable news agency even to the toughest businessmen and politicians.
Top Losers
August 2018
Pilot Losses
Dolores Harcourt 1. Dolores Harcourt 1
Nova745 2. Nova745 1
Anton Brannigan 3. Anton Brannigan 1
jean Bonns 4. jean Bonns 1
All time
Pilot Losses
roguearmadillo 1. roguearmadillo 36
Zarvox Toral 2. Zarvox Toral 32
Core Paradox 3. Core Paradox 19
Raymond Tiboteau 4. Raymond Tiboteau 14
Cosmo Blink 5. Cosmo Blink 9
Nutjob O'Crazy 6. Nutjob O'Crazy 8
Babakartal Thiesant 7. Babakartal Thiesant 8
Ipq 8. Ipq 7
Hi I'm Melvin 9. Hi I'm Melvin 7
Nova745 10. Nova745 6
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