Corporation details - Blue Republic [B-REP]
Alliance: RvB - BLUE Republic CEO: Metal Jack
Kills: 506900 HQ:
Losses: 436681 Members: 543
ISK destroyed: 21,122.29B Shares: 150000
ISK lost: 8,581.60B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 71.11% Website:
Red vs Blue

Public Channel: R-V-B
Discord: (Public Section Only, not used for comms)


RvB: Join the Forever War for Fun PvP!

Join Our Public Channel R-V-B to enquire about joining RvB, the longest running war in New Eden.

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See our Forum Information Section for FAQ and Rules Here:

We have no Permanent Blues, and do engage in piracy. We will form purple as Red and Blue, or with other friends or NPSI groups against 3rd parties or neutrals. Most temp-blue situations are ad-hoc and temporary decisions made by the FCs or officers on site, so contact them for immediate action, or contact a Diplo for long-term discussion or issue resolution.

Join our Public Channel or Contact the Following:
Nikolai Mazinkov, Metal Jack, nitro oxide

Public Events
Public Events and Fleets will be announced via our forums event section: HERE, or other EvE boards such as the Eve Online forums and Reddit. A separate channel will be forthcoming, but is currently located with all other information in our Public R-V-B Chat Channel.

Causus Belli
The Reds claim to be the seekers of truth and enlightenment yet engage in nothing but debauchery.

They commit many crimes and must suffer for their deeds, but nothing they have done or indeed can do can be as horrifying as their desecration of the Teapot of Justice, using it to make their so called "Pot Noodle".

Our power lies in the shadows, in manipulation and control, in strict obediance to the ancient scrolls, they swore the oath that they now defy, they must die
Top Losers
January 2019
Pilot Losses
Insidious Sainthood 1. Insidious Sainthood 76
Luigi Gumby 2. Luigi Gumby 67
Metal Jack 3. Metal Jack 60
Nikolai Mazinkov 4. Nikolai Mazinkov 51
Zen Tsai 5. Zen Tsai 31
Atticus Ventri 6. Atticus Ventri 25
MasterStarDestroyer WidowMakerzz 7. MasterStarDestroyer WidowMakerzz 21
Gatess Hatess 8. Gatess Hatess 17
BlueLotus Beebop 9. BlueLotus Beebop 15
Aume Austrene 10. Aume Austrene 13
All time
Pilot Losses
Jagtor 1. Jagtor 2883
Hormone1971 2. Hormone1971 2854
Cosmo Blink 3. Cosmo Blink 2452
Yankunytjatjara 4. Yankunytjatjara 2279
Jasper Sinclair 5. Jasper Sinclair 2159
Sylacx 6. Sylacx 2132
Bacon Pizza 7. Bacon Pizza 2099
ScummyB 8. ScummyB 2096
Pulse Zlo 9. Pulse Zlo 2091
mahadin 10. mahadin 1990
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