Corporation details - TeamTama [ALTP.]
Alliance: None CEO: Perunga andFriends
Kills: 59 HQ:
Losses: 8 Members: 8
ISK destroyed: 42.06B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 2.53B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 94.32% Website:
Fully dedicated to causing drama since 2012, PERUNGA welcomes you to TeamTama.

We are a low-sec community that stages out of the most violent system in the game. From fast T3d roams to top level gate camping (OMG#FUN), TeamTama is all about having a good time playing EVE Online and making sure others don't.

Tama, Black Rise, and its surrounding regions consist of fleet vs fleet engagements, faction warfare, and has a significant traffic of wannabe rock stars. You won’t find blobs or blue-balls here; we take and make fights that lead to gud fights.

Not Purple Shoot It (NPSI). When a fleet is up, TeamTama is open to anyone that wants to participate and contribute to the fleet. No matter what your corp or alliance, YOU can JOIN our fleet!!! -->
Team Tama Public (we still have to like you)

Recruitment status: Open

We offer:

-> Veteran leadership
-> Daily roams small - mid gang (various doctrine)
-> 0 blues
-> Target rich enviorment
-> Daily gate camps on the most pretegious gate of New Eden
-> Accessible fleets and content for all ages
-> 100% SRP on all corperate lead fleets/ops
-> Old school piracy

We are looking for:

-> Relaxed individuals
-> Willingness to adapt to an NPSI fleet
-> Ts3 capable
-> Motivated teamplayers

We all have a little pirate in us, TeamTama is where you let it out, make things go boom, and ask why is the rum always gone? Further information can be provided upon request!
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