Corporation details - Welp Dreads [W3LPD]
Alliance: Heiian Conglomerate CEO: Nocturnal Fire
Kills: 54 HQ:
Losses: 24 Members: 13
ISK destroyed: 66.33B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.60B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.10% Website:
We are Welp Dreads, a new player focused PvP corp that rates every member an equal. As a Lowsec based corp, we offer the highest quality fights, the most thrilling encounters, and the best tutoring a new player can get.

The corporation prefers to operate in our lowsec home in the Black Rise region but we will frequently deploy to other areas of space to find dank frags and content for our members.

Currently we are part of the
Heiian Conglomerate, a Faction Warfare alliance in the Caldari Militia. This gives us access to a huge number of allies to fleet up with and enemies to fight.

We have both Discord & Teamspeak, these are required, playing EVE without voice comms isn't much fun and limits what we can do as a corporation.

We are active in both UK/EU and US timezones, and we always try to accomodate other languages, cultures & timezones.

You can contact us via our public channel:
Dread Welping

or you can contact a recruiter directly:
Alexander Anaxagoras
- Jakkar Ri

We look forward to seeing you space!
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