Corporation details - Space Ants [SPANT]
Alliance: Solyaris Chtonium CEO: Ivory Harcourt
Kills: 278 HQ:
Losses: 13 Members: 108
ISK destroyed: 340.90B Shares:
ISK lost: 0.61B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 99.82% Website:
A group of young ragtag capsuleers roaming over New Eden in a hope of coming across a big pile of fun or ISK, preferrably both.

We live, die, afk in the
Deklein region.
- PVP fleets every day
- PVE opportunities (to get money to buy ships)
- Mining (we need minerals to build ships)
- Industry (you can build those ships)

We are recruiting! Requirements:
1) A pulse
2) A willingness to defend our space
3) Comms during fleets (Teamspeak)

Whether you're veteran or few days old newbie, you are welcome to apply.

Frigate roam, FC spotted a bait.

Corp CEO: Bob7k
Corp diplomat:
Bob7k, Kenzie Andedare
Corp recruiter:
Ivory Harcourt

Public channel: Space Ants Public
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