Corporation details - The Last Great Pirate Lords [TLGPL]
Alliance: None CEO: The Last PirateKing
Kills: 0 HQ:
Losses: 2 Members: 12
ISK destroyed: 0.00B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.01B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 0% Website: http://
The Great Pirate Age in New Eden was coming to an end, with the advancement of CONCORD technology and most pirates being locked up or worse...

As a last resort,
The Last PirateKing called for the remaining Great Pirate Lords to convene in the Brethren Court and come up with a plan to restore piracy to its former glory..

Since then, the Last Great Pirate Lords have been ravaging and plundering all those who oppose us and woe betide you who are reading this if you dare defy us.

For diplomacy, contact:
The Last PirateKing
10 Most recent kills

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10 Most recent losses
Ship type Victim Final blow Location
[ Destroyer]
Jita (0.9)
I: 8 C: 0
[ Destroyer]
Jita (0.9)
I: 7 C: 0
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